Visser Chrysanten

Master Grower Visser Chrysanten

Ferry: “In 2000, I bought a 13,000 m2 plot of land in Maasdijk and had a greenhouse of 10,000 m2 built. Nine years later I bought my neighbours’ land and had another greenhouse of 12,000 m2 built. My brother René then came to join the company.

Our work division is simple – René takes care of greenhouse 1, and I take care of greenhouse 2. As our two smallish greenhouses are next to each other, it is easy to grow special, unique and new varieties and to keep our supply going.”

René: “I grow the flowery purple and white Saba spray chrysanthemum. Saba is quite labour intensive to grow, but this exceptional chrysanthemum is more than worth the effort. Ferry grows the decorative yellow Piña Colada Yellow spray chrysanthemum. This is a new variety which we will introduce to the market. Despite being a new variety, it has proven itself as a quality flower and we will produce a regular supply.

We strive to have a regular supply of high quality chrysanthemums. In this respect we share the same goals as VannoVa so we complement each other very well.”


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Ferry Visser

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